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TV Comment: "Heroes" season 3 episode 05

Season 3, Episode 5
"Angels and Monsters"

Episode Summary: Claire goes looking for an escaped Level 5 special. Daphne and Knox try to convert more specials to their side, whatever their side is. Sylar forgets about a bunch of his powers. Hiro and Ando do ... something. Mohinder continues to be bad. Vortex Guy makes Vortexes.

Watching Heroes online, the commercials are for Dunder-Mifflin!

Linderman as an angel and an expression of God's will for Nathan is a pretty weird concept. I'm starting to wonder if there is a super-powered person behind this, manipulating Nathan.

We've had the near-complete flip of Peter into bad guy and Sylar into good guy. That certainly was rather fast.

Vortex Guy didn't look like a bad guy on the run - I assume that was his house, even if there wasn't any stuff in it (did he send it all away?)

Adam Monroe just invoked Godwin's Law. And is Hiro transporting Adam into the coffin or just moving through time? It's a little unclear, or implies powers that Hiro didn't have in the past.

Wait a minute. How is Linderman talking to Daphne? Is he in her head too? Or are we to assume that Daphne works for Lindeman, who is mysteriously alive? Ah, he's in her head. I believe this is a new power (controlling people through images in their head).

Mohinder is killing people? Woah. Oh yeah, he forgot about the blood on the floor. Like he cares. Cause he has people in cocoons, like Alien.

This scene between Claire and Vortex Guy is just so ... clichéd and overdone. Like a soap opera. I'm waiting for him to say "If I was a bad guy, I would have sent you away already". I wonder if he'll end up vortexing himself.

Nathan's follow-up statement (with Tracy) should have been "God is a doctor in Reseta, California?"

Surely Sylar had other powers that would have been useful in that situation, before Vortex Guy opened the vortex.

Sylar: "When I touched your hand, I could feel the pain I caused you." What power was that?

Specials for Hire? Ando asked my question. After a few months in a coffin, I hope Adam was able to get a shower.

The abilities are synthetic? Well, that's a plot twist. And so much for Nathan's "God gave me this gift". Of course, there's still an angle there for Nathan.

I wonder if Mohinder is becoming a big spider? And now Maya will be on the wall as well, it seems.

If Mother Petrelli has powers, it stands to reason that the original Company used themselves as test subjects as well.

Now would be a good time for Sylar to use that super-hearing power he picked up a while back. Oh well, I guess he didn't remember it. So much for Vortex Guy. I still wonder where the Vortex went. Alternate future? Different planet? Outer space? Bathroom of a bar on East 43rd?

Hey Hiro: Freeze time and kill Knox. Why did Hiro stab Ando? Stabbing Ando makes absolutely no sense at all. I still don't get why Hiro/Ando decided they needed to hook up with Daphne and Knox.

Oh yeah, Meredith. She went after someone else, and it turns out they have an interesting power. Mind Control. That's why all the puppets are around. Didn't Meredith know that when she went after the guy?

Who froze Angela? Can we say Papa Petrellil? That's my bet. And I'm betting that Papa Petrelli is also behind the appearance of Lindeman in people's minds. Oh wait, it's Matt's dad. Duh. Plot Revelation time from Matt's dad and a final reveal. Very soap opera.

Summary: Last week, at Sci-Fi Lunch, I finally realized it: Heroes is a soap opera. Things change at the drop of a hat; character motivations switch like lights going on and off; characters are condemned, and redeemed, and condemned again; there is a giant cast in order to create a near-infinite number of possible interactions; and it's not going to make a lot of sense.

So I'm going to have to enjoy Heroes at the level of a soap opera. I can't worry about the deeper things, but just take pleasure in all the wacky stuff that happens in a given episode. In that sense, this was a fun episode. A whole lot happened, it was weird and funny and sad (in a soap opera way) and in the end things were just as mucked up as they were at the beginning. And when it's all done, I sit back and say "well, that was a lot of .... something."
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