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When You Campaign with Hate, then Hate Is Your Campaign

The whole appearance in this election of inflammatory rhetoric and hatemongering among crowds and speakers makes me tremendously sad. Because it has far-ranging and long-lasting consequences.

Here in Sacramento, we've had evidence of those consequences as seen in recent events described in the following Sacramento Bee article:

Material linking Obama to Bin Laden removed from Sacramento GOP Web site. I note that the headline for the article when it was in the paper was "Attack on Obama removed from Net" (the "Bin Laden Link" is the least of the nasty stuff).

The article mentions inflammatory rhetoric used on a political party website, and racist graffiti scrawled on an "OBAMA" sign on a fence facing Fair Oaks Blvd, a main street. The street and fence are near my home, and on the way from my house to the high school. I saw the graffiti Tuesday morning, while driving back from the fitness center. I note that the very large McCain/Palin sign a quarter mile down the road was not vandalized.

And, of course, there's the racist "Monkey Man" who made an appearance at a recent McCain/Palin rally: The Obama Monkey Man.

Here's a nice opinion column about the effects of the fearmongering used on the GOP website mentioned in the above article: Marcos Bretón: Sacramento GOP puts politics of fear on display.

Keith Olbermann goes after the hatemongering as well: Keith Olbermann rips John McCain Sarah Palin Racist Rallies! (link via matociquala.

There's plenty of room to talk issues and opinions in this election, without having to resort to the kind of hateful crap demonstrated above. It just makes me ill.
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