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LOST: "The Brig" (May 2) [SPOILERS]

Well, well. Jack sees what it's like on the outside, the parachutist comes to, a long suspected connection gets played out, and Locke regains some "Locke-ness" in the process. LOST continues to deliver solid episodes on its roll-up to the season finale.

I've been one of those who had long suspected that Locke's dad was the "real Sawyer", ever since it was revealed that Locke's dad (Anthony Cooper) was a con-man. The coincidence was too good to be false. The only wonder was when and how that knowledge was going to be revealed and what would happen. The answer was: here, now, and what you might have thought was going to happen. Sawyer kills "Sawyer" and the circle is closed. That was pretty intense, it will be interesting to see how it changes Sawyer.

I liked the little "shout out" to the fans who are always saying that the island is purgatory/hell. Anthony Cooper believed as much and he got strangled in the end. Hey folks, it's not purgatory - get it?

The constant tactical back-and-forth between Ben and Locke is intriguing. Just when you think that Ben has Locke where he wants, Locke does something unexpected (blow up the submarine, criticize Ben's food, steal the tape recorder, kill his dad). After that, it's often revealed that what was "unexpected" was exactly what Ben wanted. Will the tape recorder fit into this pattern or will Ben finally lose a round?

So Naomi (the parachutist) was hired to go to a location (obviously the one from the guys in the Andes at the end of the second season) and happened to stumble across the island. Obviously the plane wreckage found and publicized was a plant - but why? And there's a boat some 80 nautical miles away! I think this will be the main focus of the end of the season and the finale. I have my own various and sundry predictions about what's going to happen.

The Rousseau/Locke scene was great: "Danielle, why are you here?", "I'm here to get explosives. What's going on, John?", (silent beat), "The explosives are over there." Looks like Rousseau has some explodin' to do - gee maybe in the season finale?

And what were Jack and Juliet referring to when they said "should we tell her", "not yet"? A couple possibilities arise: that the Others are interested in pregnant women so Kate better start watching out given that she and Sawyer are regularly getting busy; or, yes I know Juliet is a mole and we have a plan. I'm betting mainly #2, maybe some of #1.

Next episode: the much-rumoured and much-anticipated Ben flashback! It seems like LOST has been in an answering mood lately, and this episode should have some serious answers.
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