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lunchtime writing and SF links

- Suzy McKee Charnas on writing characters, especially those you might not like. The whole post, talking about reading a friend's manuscript, is interesting. The section that starts "a good writer knows that she must *love* all her characters, even the dimmest and dullest and meanest of them" is excellent. As a former Drama major the statement "it's related to acting" clicked with me. As I've also heard: You might not like your characters, but you have to respect their choices.

- eljaydaly talks about the "little Kelly Link on her shoulder". Good stuff to remember. We should all have a little Kelly Link on our shoulder.

- Author and linguist Juliette Wade talks about how to keep your characters from being the same (via maryrobinette). Great advice. It really relates to the Suzy McKee Charnas post above.

- Writer and Media Strategist Jason Stoddard on 5 Small Things Science Fiction Can Do To Improve Its Image and 5 Big Things Science Fiction Can Do To Improve Its Image. These are older, from April, but very interesting. Hell, the whole month of April in Jason's blog is interesting.

- Jeff VanderMeet on My Favorite Fantasists in the Short Story Form. An excellent list with some excellent folks, in both the real list and in the "I'm not going to list these obvious people" list. Many were not obvious to me!
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