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some economics and politics links for the evening

- This American Life has done a couple shows on the economy. The Giant Pool of Money (from May) explains the housing loan crisis, step by step. Another Frightening Show About the Economy reviews the recent fiscal crisis and the attempts to deal with it. Both shows are very good.

- Using a different method, The Subprime Primer explains the fiscal crisis with stick figures and attitude

- A CNBC interview with Warren Buffett wherein he talks about all things economic. I still haven't read it all (it was a three-hour interview).

- If I Were Running This Campaign session at the New Yorker Festival. Includes Donna Brazile's marvelous closing remarks (available as a separate video).

- Naomi Wolf talks about her book "The End of America". The concept sounds crazy, but once you listen to her you might start thinking "this kind of makes sense" (in a "no-fraking-way" kind of way).

- Political Scandals, by the Numbers. Want to talk scandals? Let's talk scandals.

- The Politics Test (at OKCupid). I haven't taken it yet, but I can guess where I'll end up.
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