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LOST: Some theories and ideas [SPOILERS]

Here's some theories and ideas I've been thinking about and discussing with others recently.

- what happened in "the uprising/incident" (others and dharma)
- who is Jacob?
- what is the smoke monster?
- what's going to happen in the rest of the season and the finale?

Q: What happened in The Uprising:

My theory is that the uprising was the DHARMA workers against the DHARMA scientists. People like Roger "Workman" (who will be Ben's dad) got tired of the fact that they were on the island and couldn't get off, and/or didn't believe in the DHARMA mission. Eventually things got so bad that they openly revolted, most of the scientists were killed, and "The Others" were born. Toss in some island mysticism, some "saving the world", and you have the island as we know it.

Q: Who is Jacob?

My personal favorite theory is that Jacob is Dr. Marvin Candle. But, it's not Dr. Candle in the flesh but videos and tapes and movies that are being manipulated behind the scenes by "someone". Who is that "someone" ("The Man Behind the Curtain")? Well, it could be Ben, or someone else in the Others like Richard, or ... Dr. Mark Wickman (aka Dr. Marvin Candle).

Why? Well, my own theory is that after losing his arm in "the incident", Dr. Candle became disillusioned with the DHARMA project and instead switched sides. Or, he switched sides, engineered "the incident" and lost his arm in the process. Then, he records the new "artificial arm" tapes (like the Swan station) and re-programs the DHARMA project to his own interests.

Perhaps, even, the Incident/Uprising also caused an "event" (similar to the "event" that Desmond caused).

Have I cast the net wide enough? Probably, but the core is: Jacob is Dr. Marvin Candle.

Q: What is the Smoke Monster?

Hasn't anyone been paying attention? It's a pissed-off, hopped-up, genetically-altered giraffe with an addiction to cigars (thus the smoke).

Q: What's going to happen?

High probability: The Others are coming to get the female losties, but the LOSTies are going to be ready (because Juliet and Jack have a plan). There will be a big battle. Things (and people) will get blown up (thank you Danielle).

Medium prob: The underwater beacon (reached via the cable) will get reconnected, perhaps with the use of the submarine that Locke supposedly blew up (remember he was wet when he was on the dock). For some strange reason Charlie, who I think can't swim (?), will be the one who volunteers to reconnect it.

Low probability: Naomi's rescue boat will come and crash into the island (because of the magnetic property). I just like the idea of a big special-effects sequence of a boat crashing into the island (a la the Black Rock).

And what is the rumored "snake in the mailbox"? It probably centers around Jack and what happened to him when he was with the Others. My pet theory: in the middle of the battle, Jack holds everything up, takes out a phone and says "okay, they're ready" then it's End Title and everyone goes "What The F-?" for seven months. Jack is in on something big and something behind the scenes - that is the theory that is my theory.

As a note, if you look at the LOST timeline we're getting mighty close to the Christmas Day Tsunami that cascaded across the Indian Ocean and killed hundreds of thousands of people in Southeast Asia. I'm not sure if the LOST producers would bring such a tragedy into the show but it's a curious bit of timing.
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