jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

report on today's bike ride

Total of 20 miles, from house to Ancil Hoffman Park, on bike trail from Hoffman to Sac State, back up bike trail from SacState past Hoffman park to Hagan park, Hagan park back to Hoffman park, and back home.

It took about 1:20, including having to stop for a while at Every Single Light and an easy cool-down the last mile. It felt like it was uphill and into the wind, Both Ways.

Sights included:
- folks riding three across on the trail, thus halfway into my lane (um, hello?)
- some folks riding while wearing ipods (um, hello?)
- the guy who rides his bike and juggles (uh, dude?)
- many, many squirrels, including one who rushed at me then stopped right before my wheel (change of mind)
- a pickup truck and a mower on the trail (yikes!)
- assorted nature

Now I get to eat my chicken wrap. Mmmm, chicken wrap.
Tags: fitness

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