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Space Songs

When my wife was little, her family had an album called "Space Songs" and they played it at night while the kids went to sleep. It was an album of songs about Earth, science, and the universe.

Many years ago, her parents gave E a tape of the songs and she listened to them regularly while going to sleep. Now A, who likes to ask questions about space and the universe, has started listening.

When we got the first tape, I immediately loved the album. The songs are all catchy and some of them are very touching.

It turns out the album is part of a set called "Singing Science". You can't buy them any more, but there is a fan web page devoted to the albums which has MP3s. I've downloaded the MP3s and given CDs over the years to friends with kids.

Hopefully they'll listen to the songs, learn something about science, and think about the future of space exploration. As it says in my favorite song, "Why Go Up There?"

Why do we all want to go up there, up there?
What is there to do or see up there, up there?
Outer space is the place where we'll trace the future
There's a lot of who knows what a-way up there.

Now that I think of it, why do we want to be up there?
Because we're people, members of the human race. We thirst for knowledge, we want to know. And we do know that new frontiers and discoveries are waiting for new pioneers and scientists, a-way up there.

Outer space is the place where we'll trace the future
There's a lot of who knows what a-way up there.

That song gets me every time. Every dang time.
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