jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

now the hate campaign turns to blackmail

Got an email from the "No on Proposition 8" folks today that just pisses me off.

A faction of the "Yes on 8" forces are contacting people listed as "No on 8" donors on the No on 8 websites and saying "give us the equivalent amount of money, and stop supporting the No on 8 cause, or we'll publish your name on our website as someone who opposes traditional marriage."

More details at the Equality California website, along with a sample letter received by a "No on 8" supporter.

So now it's blackmail, as well as hate-based arguments.

Well, I say to hell with that! I'm making another donation to "No on 8". And if I get a blackmail letter, I'll send it back to them saying "Go right ahead and publish my name. Your version of marriage, based on fear and hate, is one we can do without!"

Off to make a donation. If you're interested in donating, go to the Equality California website.
Tags: bunch of bullcrap, hate, politics

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