jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

a savage attack on my tongue, as ordered by me

I've had a "fibroma" on the tip of my tongue for a couple years. It's nothing major, and doesn't hurt, but it is a bit unsightly and its mere existence has been a minor concern. My dentist recommended having it taken off, and C said it should be removed and biopsied. So, I finally had it done yesterday.

The procedure was very quick and the ENT guy (who also had dental training) was really good. He numbed up the tongue, which was the worst part as it involved a shot of anesthetic right into the tip of my tongue. That hurt, my eyes were watering up by the end.

Once I was numb, my tongue was also a little swollen. It felt like I had a rubber ball on the tip of my tongue. Pretty weird. The ENT took hold of the fibroma with some tweezers and just sliced it off. It was about half the size of a green pea, or about the size of a lentil.

A little blood but not much. No need for a stitch, he put some silver acetate on the wound to cauterize it. The silver acetate is grey/black, so it looks like I put a cigarette out on my tongue!

Some pain yesterday and soreness, but today it's a lot better. And I'll say, if you want to eat less having a procedure done to your tongue is a way to get it to happen. The appetite goes waaaaay down.

Pictures, for the non-squeamish:
- A fibroma on a tongue
- Website with lots of nasty tongue and mouth issues. Black Hairy Tongue, anyone? Ewwww..

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