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Viable Paradise, One Year Later

I just spent the last hour reading all my blog posts about Viable Paradise last year (VPXI, ow!). It was fun to relive the experience, to have memories pop back up in my brain, to see what I was going through at the time.

It was also tough to read my thoughts on the issues I identified in my writing back then, as discussed in posts titled Face the Music, Almost Home, and One Week Later.

Because I have to ask myself: Have I gotten any better on those issues? I still feel like I write shallow stories, like I'm not really able to get inside my characters, like I'm not able to be in the character's head, to see through the character's eyes, to coherently express the character's thoughts and feelings.

These were issues I ran into in the Lincoln City Workshop last month, things I realized about my writing while there - I need to dig deeper. Maybe I do dig deeper now than I did while at Viable Paradise. But I need to go deeper still, and to also coherently express that deepness, so that I can get the story that's in my head onto the paper.

This stuff ain't easy, is it? Nope. It ain't easy at all. Onward.
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