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my own personal WriMo

I'm not a novelist (kenscholes, I can hear you snickering!). So NaNoWriMo didn't hold as much interest for me. I've thought about using it as a way to generate more new stories (NaStoWriMo?).

But I've known for a while that I have a lot of "desk stories" which need a good revision and should then go out into the world. I keep putting it off, as I have Fear Of Revision (cue Talking Heads music).

Well, no more. For me, November will be NaStoRevMo - National Story Revision Month. My goal is to get 50K words of story revised and out the door. That should end up being about 7-9 stories. I have a revision queue. In that queue are stories that have received good, positive feedback at cons and workshops.

Here's the queue, by title: "Breaking Through"; "Bringing the Boys Back Home"; "Sorting Through the Scrap"; "Walls of Stars, Like Eyes"; "This Is Your Life, Version 2.0"; "The Fishing Trip"; "The Straw That Shines Like The Sun", "Old Town, Old Man, New Man, New Town"; "The Game of Chase".

I still might try to do some story writing. I'd like to submit something to the latest Byzarium flash contest by Nov 15. I also have an intriguing idea for the Footprints anthology (edited by jaylake and Eric T. Reynolds), but it's something that would be a challenge to pull off. We'll see how those go.

But the core of November is revision. bogwitch64 challenged me a while back on the issue of "quality versus quantity" and asked if I was focusing too much on quantity. She made a good point, one that I've been thinking about since then. Thus, November will be Quality Month. Take the stories, work hard, make them as good as I can, and send them out. How very VP Oath of me.

So, to any NaNoWriMo folks out there: I'm with you in spirit, if not in actual result. Let's get cooking!
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