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The Halloween 2008 Report

Halloween 2008 was another good time. Despite the light rain on and off in the evening, we still did plenty of decorations and had a solid stream of trick or treaters. I live across the street from a small neighborhood park, so it's a popular place to trick-or-treat - people "go around the park".

The grand total was 100 kids: 25 from 6pm to 7pm; 57 from 7pm to 8pm; 17 from 8pm to 9pm; 1 lone straggler after 9pm. Even giving out four small pieces of candy to each kid, there was still plenty of candy left. It goes with C to work tonight.

One picture here, the rest behind the cut.

This is my "Nightmare Before Christmas" shirt, which I wore yesterday in preparation.

My costume for work today and answering the door tonight. It's a whole top "tattoo sleeve" with fake plastic biker vest. I won it in a raffle at a charity golf event. At first glance, it fooled many people.

The headstones go in the front yard next to the walk to the front door. I made these years ago and still have most of them. The adults like the names.

Mister Bones is one of our oldest decorations. He hangs below the gutter over the front porch.

The pumpkins sit on the front porch near the door. These are from our garden and volunteered in the summer just so they could be around for Halloween (except for the plastic one, obviously). We didn't carve this year because we just ran out of time.

The Skull Fence is new this year, and goes in the planter on the front porch.

The ghosty lights (and bat) hang under the front porch gutter.

Closeup of the bat. A made this, in kindergarten I think.

Spiders in the front ivy and in the window shades next to the front door.

The flying skeleton is also new this year, and flies across the front porch roof. With the sound, a mix of moans and the "Halloween" theme, it's rather creepy. I turned off this sound this time.

This "Dia de los Muertos" skeleton is very old, bought at a flea market, and guards the mailbox.

This skeleton hangs on the front door. Do you dare knock?

Once the door opens, you see the light-up cat and the light-up scarecrow.

These strange and spooky creatures hang in the entryway to the hallway and are visible from the front door.

The haunted house holds secrets, mysteries, and ghostly tales.

Want some candy? See if you can get a Tootsie Roll without the Grabbing Hand getting you!

All kids get candy, when "Trick or Treat" is said and done. Several pieces, in fact. The yellow packages are "High School Musical Milk Chocolate Flavored Strawberry Pop Rockin' Artificially Flavored Candy". They were very popular, despite being multiply Flavored.

And that's Halloween at my house! I love the holiday and if I had more time and more gumption I'd be one of those people who puts up a massive Halloween show in the yard. Maybe one day.

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