jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Studs Terkel, RIP

(I somehow missed this in all the Halloween craziness yesterday).

Studs Terkel died yesterday. I must confess to not having read much of his work, nor have I seen all of the Broadway play or PBS special based on his book _Working_.

But I always knew him as someone who told the stories of ordinary people, and in fact let them give their stories in their own voices. For me, telling the stories of ordinary people (in extra-ordinary circumstances) is one of my interests as a writer. I'm also a fan of oral histories and Studs Terkel was the tip-top of the oral historians.

Now I know what books need to move to the top of my "read me" stack. Studs Terkel, thank you for all your work finding and telling stories. (Studs Terkel official web site).

(from Wikipedia) On never losing hope, to The Associated Press in 2003: "A lot of people feel, 'What can I do, (it's) hopeless.' Well, through all these years there have been the people I'm talking about, whom we call activists ... who give us hope and through them we have hope."

"I hope for peace and sanity — it's the same thing."

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