jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

not much writing recently

I didn't do much writing over the weekend - busy with going to see "Virginia Woolf" on Saturday and family stuff on Sunday. I have a new work meeting Monday late afternoon so that takes out that writing time. But I'll bring in some late Tuesday writing instead, which I actually thinks works better. It's time to get started on the "Case of the Killer Dog" rewrite in prep for applying to Viable Paradise and OSC Bootcamp.

I did do a decent chunk of reading. Right now, I've got a wide selection of things on the reading fire:
- A couple Year's Best SF (Dozois #23, Lethem 2006)
- James Joyce's "Dubliners" (C and I read these out loud to each other on the drive to SF)
- Dashiell Hammett's "Continental Op" stories (but I really need to get a new copy of "The Big Knockover")
- Raymond Carver "Where I'm Calling From". Carver is great for reading a couple stories before going to sleep. Simple, yet thought-provoking.
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