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some election day posts

It is lovely here today, after yesterday's deluge. Clear blue sky, fluffy clouds, crisp and cool. C and I walked down to the community center where we only had a small wait to cast our votes. Now the waiting (and the listening to radio and reading Internet sites) begins, and we'll head out to the Obama party about 7pm to await the result.

Various links to help folks entertain themselves today:

- Dan Ratherisms: The Wit and Wisdom of Dan Rather. From election coverage between 02 and 06. My favorite is still "if a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a handgun".

- Election Day Blogging (at Various Salon commentators blog during the elections. Some interesting stuff there, especially David Sirota's 1:55 PM post on conservative corporatism on political parties.

- So Little Time, So Much Damage (at There still two months left in the Presidency, let's get a bunch done. Sounds like "poisoning the well" to me, or "rewarding supporters as Rome burns".

- Voting-and-nervous-energy thread (at Making Light). People chat, and talk, and burn off time waiting. Always a good site with good discussions.

- Benchmarks for Barack (at One way to interpret results as they come in. And what is the deal with left-handed presidents?

- Five Ways We Talked About Race and Identity This Election (at American Prospect). Things the nation talked about, and things the nation didn't talk about. Rather interesting, with much to think about and good links to other articles.

- Minnesota Voting Booms Thanks To Tight Senate Race. I'm sure that big Presidential race helps. And oh, by the way, the phrase "Senator Al Franken" is a wild one to consider.

- How to read the numbers on Election Day (at Another way to read results, from Howard Dean's pollster. Interesting to think about the "magical" 50 percent barrier.

- Best of the 2008 Election Coverage (at American Prospect). A whole lot of links to election coverage. There goes the day.

- This Modern World on John McCain's Last Minute Path To Victory. It ends as you might think it would.
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