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I'll take Things That Are Funny *And* Tick Me Off for $300, Alex

This, from Saturday Night Live last weekend, is very funny.

But it ticks me off in the same way as the speeches from the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner did. In both these, Senator McCain is funny, personable, a little self-deprecating, and reasonable.

Is this the true Senator John McCain? Because it seems like the same Senator McCain who said of Obama (paraphrased) "He's a good, decent man. You don't need to be afraid of him as President."

I'd like to think this McCain is closer to the real McCain. But if that's the case, why does he allow the campaign (including his Vice-Presidental nominee) to take such a negative tone towards Obama? Why does he allow all the insinuations about Obama that he, McCain, *must* know are incorrect and misleading? Why all the nasty, personal, attacking?

I know there's been attacking on both sides. But, as I see it, Senator Obama has done much less of the scurrilous personal attacks on McCain. For the most part, Senator Obama's campaign has been about Barack Obama. And so has Senator McCain's campaign.

It's a shame. Senator John McCain had a real reputation as someone who worked outside the standard Republican orthodoxy. If he'd run with that reputation, and used the personableness visible in the SNL skit and the Smith Dinner speeches, we could have a had a fascinating, high-quality, campaign about different political philosophies and what actions were needed to deal with the issues the USA faces both at home and abroad.

Instead, we got attack ads, insinuations, and campaigning based on fear and hate. Of course it also looks like we will get a President Barack Obama in the end, which I believe is a good thing. But this campaign and its after-effects will massively increase the difficult work required to get this country back into some sort of strong operating position, and also increase the dig-in-the-heels resistance.

Hopefully, something good can grow from all the sh*t that has happened so far. I know that's my hope. What can I do about it? I don't know. But I'd be interested in hearing ideas as to what everyone can do about it, in order to help this country grow and move forward.
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