jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Yes. We. Can.

I could watch this speech all night.

I could watch this speech all night because, for me, it represents a victory of progressive thought. It represents a victory for America.

It represents the victory of inclusion, idealism and hope over division, hate, and fear.

It represents a great step closer to the kind of America I want this country to be.

At the party at the Radisson there were all kinds of people, all kinds of Americans, celebrating together, dancing, shouting, singing, giving high fives, clasping hands, crying, laughing. All of them cheering for their new President, and for what he was saying. That's my America.

As President-Elect Barack Obama said, now the hard work begins. I'm ready. Everyone in that room at the Radisson is ready. I hope everyone in America is ready.

I'm reminded of one of John Edwards's campaign slogans: Tomorrow Begins Today.

Celebrate tonight. And tomorrow, Let's Get To Work.

Because Yes, We Can.
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