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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm also "jeffsoesbe")

  • 15:20 @MarsPhoenix Don't give up hope completely! One day, we'll come get you and bring you back home. #
  • 15:21 Well, *that* was a bigger run than I thought (7+ miles). Now I've eaten all the leftover chinese food and I'm a little ugggghhh. #
  • 15:22 President Barack Obama. Say it with me: "President Barack Obama". Isn't it delightful? #
  • 15:26 In between work meetings, feeling groovy. Except for the leftover chinese food in my stomach post run. Eating it all seemed like a good idea #
  • 20:58 yawning. apparently the big run and the excitement of the last few days has taken it out of me. #
  • 21:38 I just ate the whole cinnamon roll and boy am I tired. #
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