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links for post-election pondering

Between the post-election combination of thrill and anxiety release, and the crazy work situation right now, I've been rather preoccupied. But here's some post-election links to peruse.

- Top 10 songs to rock your Obama victory party (at Salon Machinist). Whole bunch of songs, all about Obama. My Firefox won't play embedded video so I haven't heard these yet, but they sound like fun.

- Secrets of the 2008 Campaign (at Newsweek). All sorts of stuff you didn't hear about during the campaign. It's a little celebrity gossip-y, but still many interesting things.

- It's time - Barack Obama should be the next president of America (at the Economist). The Economist! The Economist! A begrudging endorsement at best, but still - The Economist! Woah.

- Why Gay Marriage Was Defeated in California (at Time). An overview of what happened. It was a confluence of events, many not under control of the side of equal rights.

- Apply for a Job. That's a job with the new administration. Gotta say, tempted. Really tempted.

TIME's Best Inventions of 2008
. OK, it's not politics, but it's really cool. Cool and nerdy.
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