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[writing] how to battle the "low motivation blues"

Take a bunch of stories that have come back from submissions with "no thanks", and send them back out again! To new places, of course.

Just sending stories back out doesn't help with what is apparently a core problem, as born out through repeated mentions in the "no" letters of "well-written, but (fell flat | not enough story | conflict too weak | didn't work for me)".

But at least sending the stories back out makes me feel like I'm doing something. Because my NaStoRevMo (Story Revision Month, my own personal NaNoRevMo) has fallen a bit behind schedule. Only one story revised so far, and it was such a redraft that it's going to need another touch-up.

Extenuating circumstances (mainly job things) have affected the writing mind, but it's also concern over "Will I learn to do this? *Can* I learn to do this?"

I'll just have to continue to slog through until Orycon then get some stories critiqued there (both in workshop and in the ORC) and see how that goes. I also have some pre-Orycon homework planned that will hopefully help me better understand this "see through the character's eyes" issue with which I currently struggle.

As the song goes: Just put one foot (word) in front of the other. Onward!
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