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random links of lunchtime

- Two interesting points of view on Sarah Palin from Salon Editor Joan Walsh and Salon contributor Camille Paglia (multiple articles). I agree more with Walsh, but I see the value in many things Paglia says.

- Canadian Flying Buttress Lighthouses. Cool, with a futuristic edge to them.

- How 10 Famous Technologies Got Their Names. You always wondered, didn't you. By the way, they're not completely right about Android (it was the company, but it was also one of Andy Rubin's nicknames).

- The Child Trap: The Rise of Overparenting (at New Yorker). I believe I'm not an overparenter, and as soon as my children get done with their piano, art, Mandarin, and equestrian classes I'm sure they will tell you themselves in their oh-so-precious way (isn't it cute?).

- Barack Obama's Vision of a Scientific America (via jaylake). Say it with me: "A Scientific America". Oh joy!

- Ten IT Urban Legends Exposed. I actually hadn't heard several of these "urban legends", so I'm not too sure how "legend" they are.
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