jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

well, NaStoRevMo is pretty much shot to heck

My *plan* for November was to use it as NaStoRevMo (Story Revision Month) and get a bunch of the "desk stories" revised and out into the world.

So far, halfway through the month, I've redrafted 1 (one) story and started reading and taking notes on another story. I also wrote a first draft of a story for the Byzarium Flash Fiction contest, and I'll hopefully be able to revise and submit it by tomorrow.

But I can't be too hard on myself. The election and, more importantly, the job turmoil have really sucked up a lot of my attention and my energy. Best I can do is keep moving forward and get as much done as I can.

I am looking forward to Orycon next week, because it will be a full-spec-fic escape from the job craziness and pressure. Still need to pick some stories to read at the ORC, but I have an early sense (perhaps "Faraway, In Her Eyes" and maybe "Seven Drops" or "Invasion!". We'll see.
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