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the dude is *so* my President!

A very nice Salon Broadsheet about the "60 Minutes" interview of the Obamas, which I somehow managed to completely miss.

Thanks to technology, I don't have to miss it. The whole thing, embedded in the Broadsheet article, is also up at and you can get the embed codes and URLs from the videos.

Here, for me, was a wonderful moment excerpted in Broadsheet:

When Kroft probed Barack about the list of household chores he's had and how many of those chores will now be done by other people, the former senator opined, "Sometimes it's soothing to wash the dishes." His wife, however, objected, looking at him like he was crazy, and saying, "Since when was it ever soothing for you to wash dishes?" "When I had to do it," Barack replied, a little lamely, "I'd make it into a soothing thing."

Doing dishes? Make it soothing. Do a good job.

That is *so* my President.
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