jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

is it Orycon yet? How about now?

Because I sure wish it was. I'm looking forward to a few days of escape from this crazy job situation.

Here's my oh-so-precise schedule.

- Morning: fly in
- sit and write while waiting for jaylake's plane
- Jay gives me a ride to the Con. On the way, we handle the Sekrit Project.
- Afternoon: arrive at con, check in to hotel, put on tie-dyed shirt and kilt
- 3PM - 4PM: check out Ken Scholes's "Writer's Life" session
- 4PM - 5PM: workshop critique session with professionals Michael Ehart and Devon Monk, and fellow critiquee Garth Upshaw.
- 5PM: Sekrit Project comes to fruition
- 7PM: possible dinner with MR
- 9PM - 2AM: Open Reading and Critique session
- sleep the sleep of the sleep-deprived

- Morning: wake up, find some coffee and muffin
- go to some sessions, find some lunch, go to some sessions. I believe there's a Broad Universe reading at 10AM.
- 230: sit and chat with KS
- Late Afternoon/Evening: go to some sessions, find some dinner, go to some sessions. Probably chat with people
- 9PM - 2AM: Open Reading and Critique session
- More sleep

- Morning again
- Sessions or chatting
- Lunch (could be brunch for me) with LS
- Sessions or chatting
- Go to the airport, eat something, fly home, collapse in to the arms of my family

I'm definitely playing the convention by ear, because I need some unstructured time where I don't feel that a bazillion commitments and requirements are weighing down on me. I'd also like to be able to do some writing and might just park myself in the bar/cafe at some point with the laptop. Doing some writing would be nice.

And Monday it gets all crazy again. But one day it will not be crazy, and that will be good.

Back to it!
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