jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

when spam gets mean

Oh, spam, why do you taunt me so? I don't want to have to look in the spam folder, but you're over-aggressive with filtering things I actually want to read. Not only do I have to wash my eyeballs afterwards, but then you taunt me with spam like this:

"Jeff Quit your boring job and become a Google millionaire"

"I found you a New Job" (persistent Michael Vincent)

"Your Ticket to eBay Success"

"Get Your Bailout. It's Your Turn."

"Jeff Entrepreneurs, Government Grants Are Available"

"Jeff make over $97 PER HOUR guaranteed ... easiest cash you'll ever make"

"Become more flexible doing Pilates"

OK, maybe that last one isn't as much of a taunt. But I would like to be more flexible.

Back to work.
Tags: life, work

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