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Orycon30: Friday overview

Friday at the con went well. Went on errands with jaylake, who got a phenomenal amount accomplished in a small chunk of time.

Arrived at con about 3, checked in, changed into the tie dye and kilt. Wandered around a tad, then went to crit session.

Crit session went well, some good feedback and positive comments.

After crit session, the Sekrit Project came to fruition. It was a Cheese Party, with cheese and meat selected by Jay. About 40 people attended, and all involved had a good time.

I had dinner with markteppo and we had good Chinese food and talked about life since VPXI and writing.

The Open Reading and Critiques started about 9/10 pm. Tons of people there, but we managed to get through all the readings before everyone collapsed. I read the first 500 words of "Faraway, In Her Eyes" and got some positive comments and good feedback that will help me shape the revision.

By the time we were done, it was 2am and I was beat. Went back to the room and crashed.

Now I'm awake, and drinking an eggnog latte. That's a good start. Off to some panels!
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