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Orycon30: Late Saturday Report

I'm in Hospitality, posting. Today has been a good day.

Woke up at 8am, knowing I wasn't going back to sleep. Eggnog latte and cinnamon roll for breakfast. Many panels, most of them on space exploration and quite intriguing and enjoyable.

Listened to jaylake read the Lollygang story. Some interesting things there that I need to ask him about.

Cruised the dealer room, buying presents for C and E and A. Also bought two collections of short stories from deborahlive, kenscholes's "Long Walks ..." and davidlevine's "Space Magic". They will both be good.

Chatted with kenscholes and John Pitts (aka bravado111) about the writing life and getting better. Felt energized as a result. Need to do more conscious practice.

Did some revision work on "Invasion! at the Independence Manor Retirement Home" to work on character. Partially successful.

Ran into markteppo in Champions, ended up having dinner with a couple VPXII folks. Go Viable Paradise!

Jay roped me into being a performer in "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", the sci-fi improv comedy sketch. Realized very soon I was with three extremely quick-witted people, so I stuck with being the straightman, funny accent, and physical comedy. Survived.

Finished off dinner, then joined joycemocha, Jay and John for drinks in Champions.

Ran into lasirenadolce in the hallway and chatted about cities and the wonderfulness of Portland.

Had some delicous desserts (pumpkin cookies FTW) at the Reno 2011 Worldcon bid party. I'd also be happy with Seattle, yet Reno gets my vote, mainly because they're closer to Sacramento. But the desserts helped.

A quick blog, and then it's back to party cruising while holding Jay's Coat of Many Colors (he left it in the bar).

I am very relaxed. It's a good con.

ps - Stanford lost Big Game (men's football). Not surprised.

UPDATE: After this post, I chatted with Richard Lovett and his student Holly in the Hospitality (Con Suite). I also ran into robvagle and his wife, who were dancing the night away and having a blast.
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