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Orycon30: The Dozen Cheeses from the Cheese Party

As mentioned in an earlier post, there was a cheese party on Friday evening at Orycon30. Sponsored by me, cheeses chosen by jaylake. For those who attended and wondered what they were eating, and for those who didn't attend and wondered what was served, here's the list of cheeses from The Orycon Cheese Party (with pictures and links where I could find them).

Valdeon. A tasty blue, with some bite to it.

Rogue River Blue. Another very nice blue.

Humboldt Fog. Rich, delicious, and very popular.

Lionza. From Fiscalini Farms in California, and very tasty.

Ros. Harder cheese, great with a softer bread.

Soto Cenere Al Tartufe (no picture or link available). Cheese with truffles in it. Quite good.

Manchester. I remember this one as being rather nice, especially on a hard bread.

Chimay Grand Cru. Good stuff.

Up In Smoke Rivers Edge. Why yes, it *is* wrapped in leaves. This one disappeared in no time flat.

Alta Langhe La Tur. A three-milk cheese!

Florette. A goat brie. Rather good!

Epoisses. "Smells like feet, tastes like butter" (unless you're kenscholes, who said it tastes like something else, something else that leads you to ask questions about Ken). I liked it (and what does that say about me?)

We also had some delicious wines, along with home-made mead brought by some FOJ (Friends Of Jay). Wines I wrote down:

- Montaribaldi Vagnona
- Quinta de Bons-Ventos Tinto Red. Portugese, and good.
- Vina Amezola Rioja Crianza 2004
- Montellori Chianti

All cheese, bread, and some wines purchased at Pastaworks, on SW Hawthorne in Portland. They also selected the wines I brought. It's a great store, stop by if you're ever in town. Go in with Jay, and they will treat you like royalty.
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