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Paddy Explains It All For You

I'm pretty certain that the financial crisis is about the *last* thing anyone wants to consider on Thanksgiving, but Marketplace and American Public Radio previously put out a series of videos explaining the financial crisis (original link found on Freakonomics comments).

Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch goes through well-done explanations of the general crisis, CBOs, Credit Default Swaps, Margin Calls, and much more. For those so inclined, the added bonus is that he is attractive with an accent and a lock of hair that Falls Just So. I'm sure there are stalker sites for him by now.

Here's a few good ones (videos, not stalker sites), and you can find more in the "Related Videos" on YouTube for any one video.

The Credit Crisis as an Antarctic Expedition

Untangling Credit Default Swaps

Uncorking CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations)

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