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Norwescon 2007 Writing Workshop details received

I also received the details on my session in the Norwescon 2007 Writing Workshop. My session is Friday April 6, from 10-11 AM. I submitted "The Case of the Killer Dog" and there are four people critiquing it: Chris Bodan, Ted Butler, Deborah Layne, and G. David Nordley.

Chris's name was all in caps in the email, so I'm assuming he's the member of the Fairwood Writers Workshop (both critiquing and moderating) and the other three are the pros. I didn't recognize the names off the top of my head, so I'll have some homework to do in getting familiar with their work before the session.

I find that if I am familiar with a writer's work before I get a critique from them, I can get a better sense of where they're coming from and how I can interpret their feedback (including any suggestions).

The classic critique story is the one someone at Worldcon told about being critiqued by Bruce Sterling: First, he tears your story to pieces; second, he tells you how to make it better. The first part, if you can take it, is very useful. The second part usually sums up to "turn it into a Bruce Sterling story", which can be useful - if you want to write stories like Bruce Sterling.

But still - it's just me, three pros, and one Fairwood member in the room for a whole hour! Wow! It's sessions like this that will hopefully help me pick my writing up to another, higher, level.

Overall, Norwescon looks like it should be fun also, though there's not that many details on the events available yet. I'll volunteer to help at the con, now that I know when my writing workshop commitment occurs.
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