jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

LoudTwitter is having some issues

It mailed me my tweets, instead of posting to the LJ. And it did it at the wrong time. We'll see if I fixed it.

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm also "jeffsoesbe")

* 15:48 Now this is a New Years Eve Menu! #
* 15:51 @JeremiahTolbert At first I thought "Roubini" was the magician version of Robert Rubin. Maybe he is! #
* 23:49 @StoneTable No! Don't edit the Hell out! Leave the Hell in! In fact, add more Hell! More Hell! #
* 23:50 groceries secured, papers processed, bills paid, and now is the time on Sprockets when we write #
* 00:04 wondering why my cursor in this document in Word is about the size of a period. It's a real pain, and only in this document. #
* 07:10 driving older child to school again. such a bum she is. at least she's walking home. #
* 10:51 @StoneTable Congrats on "Return to Luna" release - that's awesome! I'll have to pick that one up. I likes moon stories. #
* 10:54 @jay_lake @gregvaneekhout yes, Jay's new site is such a great site! #
* 10:55 at work, wondering why doing anything in Twitter in Firefox causes CPU usage to go up to 70%. I suspect a Windows plot. #
* 11:19 @jay_lake @gregvaneekhout @JeremiahTolbert Sorry, Jay, didn't mean to let the secret loose (I saw a prototype). #
* 11:47 @StoneTable How about: government experiment, unexplainable, superpowers? #
* 12:59 back from sci-fi lunch, where I had soup and fries and we talked about work, then Hellboy, TV shows, LOST and Iron Man #

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