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a morning and early afternoon spent running around

C and her sister D split the California International Marathon today. C ran the first two legs, a total of 13.5 miles, and her sister ran the last 12.7 miles. Pretty dang impressive for both of them!

I played support squad, taking C to the start early in the morning; meeting her at 5 and 10 miles to take any unneeded gear and to offer cheers and moral support; meeting D at the change over to take pre-race warm clothes and pick up C; grabbing D's kids so we could cheer her on at 18 miles; and then going to Peets with C and D's kids for coffee and snacks. I passed on going downtown but C went with her dad (aka Grandpa) to pick up D at the race's end.

I then came home and went for a short run myself, a 2.5 mile workout that mixed sprinting, jogging, and walking. This was in order to build my strength for the big Neighborhood Dad Football Game next weekend. It will be interesting to see how many dads are able to walk away from that one. Hopefully they're a mellow crowd.

After that, we went to C and D's parents' house for post-race soup (delicious) and visiting. Then we came home, C took a much-earned post-race nap, and I went to the grocery store. Now I'm relaxin on the couch to a football game, drinking chai, catching up on email, and studying for a big job interview tomorrow. Sometimes, after a morning/afternoon spent running around, it's nice to just sit.
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