jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

YuleTube: the Chieftains and an 80s bonus

[YuleTube was delayed today due to race-related activities (see previous post). ]

In the vein of "something we have and listen to" and "the weekend is for the different stuff", here's the Chieftains and Elvis Costello singing "St. Stephen's Day Murders" from the excellent _Bells of Dublin_ album (Amazon link).

As a bonus, because I don't own it, here's two Christmas videos from none other than Twisted Sister behind the cut.

"Oh Come, All Ye Faithful" (in full Twisted Sister-ness)

"I'll Be Home For Christmas" (not as much costumes, but does have Lita Ford in a red leather Mistress Claus outfit)

Tags: yuletube

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