jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

YuleTube: John Denver and the Muppets

This is delayed because we apparently had a power glitch in the middle of the night and the alarm didn't go off. So I woke up, looked at the blinking clock, and said "that's not good". But we survived, everyone got where they needed to be in time.

Now, here's John Denver and the Muppets singing "Twelve Days of Christmas". They stick to the script and don't get weird or crazy. Not even Animal. But it's still nice.

Tags: yuletube

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    Thu, 21:08: Fish on the floor at SeaTac. See you next week!

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    Sat, 20:29: stopover in Ashland on my way back, and the hotel cafe has some GREAT Halloween decorations!

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    Tue, 20:07: It rained in Bellevue this morning! Rain! Le Bleu didn't know what to think about water falling from the sky!…

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