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Puzzles: Sat May 12 and Sun May 13

Or, the lack thereof. This was a busy weekend.

Saturday, we went to the ex-MarineWorld aka Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The difference is that they gave the park a face lift with new signs and music and cranked up the price of everything. Admission is now $50, parking is now $15. Charging people to park - what an easy way to make a ton of high-margin money. Of course, it's not like you can take public transportation to get there so everyone drives.

We got home about 8pm and we were all beat. I did do the Jumble, the Word Sleuth and the NEA Crossword and started on the NY Times Crossword. But then I had a glass of wine and A and I were watching "Star Wars" and I kept falling asleep (prompting "Dad, wake up!" calls from A) and that was the end of that. We crashed about 10pm. E and C were watching "What Not To Wear" at the in-laws and got home late.

Sunday, I made some excellent french toast for C for Mother's Day and we had it with fruit, yogurt, juice, and coffee. After that, we headed out to the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis. It was a lovely day, warm but with a breeze, and we had a earth-lovin, crunchy good time. The girls got henna tattoos, I bought two new tie-eyed shirts, we had root beer floats and chai, A did cartwheels everywhere, and it was fun.

We got home about 4pm, went to the grocery store, made a ton of pad thai for dinner, got everyone bathed and to bed and crashed about 10pm. I didn't do any puzzles and I tossed the papers in recycling.

And that was the mostly puzzle-free weekend.
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