jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

i'll have a cup of tea, and tell you of my dreaming

I usually have such nights full of dreams, but I'm bad about writing them down in the bedside "Dream Book". Today, however, I was better:

- I'm on a big cruise ship like boat, and there's a giant sinkhole in the water. The boat is trying to get away from the sinkhole. During all this, the person next to me is making moves on me using a dramatic modern-dance style of physical action.

- I'm getting organized while at a passport-type counter, and dealing with my laptop. There are lots of people, and I'm trying to keep my laptop from being stepped on. Finally, I'm in line behind a person with a 3-tier, 4-seat-per-tier mega-baby-stroller.

Haven't had a flying dream in a while, though. Bummer. I like the flying dreams.

Anyone else have some good dreams?
Tags: life, weird

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