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(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm also "jeffsoesbe")

  • 23:53 now is the time on sprockets when we sleep. #
  • 06:43 major dreams: chasms, rivers, sheep, shopping malls, prison, college, telekinesis. Almost flying. Almost. #
  • 10:37 @steviechuckles "wandering aimlessly" I like the sound of that. You're in New Mexico, right? :-) #
  • 10:37 @StoneTable "sekrit location"? Say hi to Dick Cheney for us. #
  • 10:38 @egriffith Yes, you did have a good time. A Very Good Time. (we have pictures...) #
  • 10:40 at work, did art with the schoolkids this morning. We did still lifes, using pastels as medium. They did great! The art was wonderful. #
  • 11:36 today is an Interesting Morning. #
  • 12:59 @JeremiahTolbert Churrascaria = "Brazilian Meat Eating Festival" :-) Sounds wild! You enjoyed it? #
  • 14:05 @JeremiahTolbert To this day tales are told, in the halls and the valleys, of Meat Fest 97 and the glory that it contained. Enjoy tonight! #
  • 17:07 And thus ends another day of Up and Down and All Around in my world of Work and The Job. time for a workout to clear the stress. #
  • 21:29 after an incredibly head-snapping day, "Singing In The Rain" is a nice calm-me-down #
  • 22:05 "moses supposes his toeses are roses" - how can that *not* put you in a good mood? #
  • 22:09 do do-do-do do do-do-do-do .. i'm singing in the rain! #
  • 22:11 just singin, just singin in the rain. #
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