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HEROES: "The Hard Part" (May 7) [SPOILERS]

Sylar rents a conscience, Hiro and Ando try to change the future, Mohinder figures something out for once, and everyone else decides to head to NY and, you know, maybe take in a show or do some shopping.

I hadn't thought that HEROES could possibly have a clunker after a string of solid, enjoyable episodes, but this one was a clunker. It felt like they filmed the first draft script, you know, the one where you're just tossing out ideas and say "well, let's just go with that one and see how the script develops" and then you run out of time and say "well, we'll make it work in the editing room" and then you don't.

On the meta-script level, Sylar getting regrets about becoming the bomb and killing many "innocent" people (what, the specials weren't innocent?) and thus deciding to go visit his mom could work. But to have his mom be a kook who collects snow globes and keeps telling him he's special, and then to have him bonk her with a globe while making an ice snow globe, and then to have him accidentally stab her with scissors, now that was just silly and clunky. It's like they're somehow trying to say "Sylar isn't a bad boy, he was just brought up by a kook." How very "Only A Lad" (Oingo Boingo reference).

Had I any script authority, I would have said to flip it around. Sylar's regret is fine, but have Sylar be the one who believes he has to be special. Blame Dad, if you want - Dads are good at that. Mom tells him to get that nonsense out of his head, he doesn't have to be special. He says I am, shows her some of his powers, she asks how he got them, he hints around, she figures it out, tells him he has to go to the police, that he has done terrible things, in a fit of rage he shoves her around telekinetically and kills her. Sylar realizes he's special but he's bad and it's boom-time.

I liked Hiro and Ando, but I always like Hiro and Ando. I do wish Hiro would have had more gumption and realized he was perfectly justified in killing Sylar but then we wouldn't have had much of a story, would we? And no, Sylar didn't un-stop time I think Hiro just lost his concentration.

I get a point for predicting that Molly Walker was the tracking system. Mohinder gets a point for figuring out that his blood could be used to cure Molly's sickness. But, Mohinder, usually it's not a good idea while you're working with biological samples to sweep a whole deskful of them (in glass containers) onto the floor right before a little girl walks into the room?

So the group has gathered in NY and Kirby Plaza (nice reference) and HRG and Claire are happy together. Of course, we had the "Ted, this is Peter, Peter, this is Ted" "uh oh, why are my hands glowing" moment.

What's going to happen? My prediction is that Ted ends up exploding and Nathan flies Ted far into the air (or ocean or wherever) so that the explosion doesn't take out half of NYC. The show has Nathan heading down some sort of dark, tortured path and I bet they're setting up some sort of redemption. Though, as I've said, if someone did explode and take out half of NYC that would be a pretty gutsy move by the show. But they'd never do it.

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