jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

YuleTube: Mannheim Steamroller

Yes, I listen to Mannheim Steamroller. I've listened to Mannheim Steamroller going all the way back to their first album, Fresh Aire. Sure, it's pop-y, new wave-y, synth-y, and at times schmaltz-y. But I enjoy it. Call it a guilty pleasure.

And the holiday music is nice, just the thing for putting on in the background and feeling all gung-ho at Christmas. Here's "Joy to the World"

Besides, without Mannheim Steamroller what music would overachieving techy house decorators use for sychronizing their lights? Light displays behind the cut, for brevity.

"Deck The Halls"


There's plenty more "house lights and music" displays at YouTube. Plenty more. Believe me.
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