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oh yeah, that writing stuff. What about that, anyway?

Tonight and last night, I've been so tired by 9:30 pm that I can barely keep my eyes open. And I'm someone who normally stays up until midnight.

I think it's the aftereffects of finally getting rid of the massive amount of stress I've been holding over the last month and a half, all of it due to the uncertainty and craziness at work. I compared my situation to the start of "Pirates of the Caribbean", where Jack Sparrow is trying to sail the sinking ship.

The end result is: I have found a dock to step onto. Things are going to work out. I have two excellent options in front of me and will make the final decision tomorrow. But either way, I'm going to end up in a good place.

A funny outcome of the de-stressing is that I can feel the writing part of my brain gearing back up again. Since the start of November I've done very little writing and it's all due to stress. I had a few forays into words, but they didn't go anywhere.

Now the gears are turning again. Bits of story are being chewed and gnawed. I'm having "story writing" dreams, where well-turned words flow (of course I never remember them in the morning). I'm wondering about these characters who have been in stasis the last month and a half. I'm sure there's some stories coming and I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow, after the half day at work and A's holiday celebration, some words get put down.

This would be nice. If I write one more story I'll be at 50 overall and 24 in 2008. That's some nice round numbers. Also, the WOTF deadline is coming up and I have a story that will suffice. But it needs some more effort. Luckily, I also have two weeks off from work so there's time to catch up and write and get some words on to the page.

And now I think it's time to go to sleep. And dream. Maybe I'll even get a dream about flying.
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