jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

well, that didn't work

Alaska/Horizon offered a flight to Boise through Seattle, arriving in Boise at 1:10 PM which would be enough time to make the second half of today's meeting. Sounded good, so I took it. Unfortunately, we arrived late in Seattle after having to circle around because we couldn't land the first time and after the jetway broke. Those of us trying to get to Boise were laughing by the time we got off the plane.

There was a 2:45 to Boise which was full, and a 4:05 which I'm currently on. I'll try to make the 2:45 as a standby - we'll see what happens. No guarantees here.

The agent did give me $30 in vouchers for food at the concessions, maybe because I was nice and patient about it, maybe because I chided some teenager who was complaining to the agent next to me about how this "was ridiculous" and she "was trying to get home". Actually, all I said was "we're all in the same boat here" and, when she complained some more, "all fourteen of us" (which was how many people were trying to get to Boise). I was a little tired of listening to her whine like a spoiled princess. In any case, lunch and coffee and a snack are on Alaska/Horizon.
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