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YuleTube: Elvis!

How could we *not* have some Elvis Presley Christmas albums? These are holiday favorites. Most of what you find on YouTube is picture compilations, though, like the two below.

"Blue Christmas"

"Santa Claus Is Back In Town"

For Elvis in all his live glory, you have to look at the videos related to the _Christmas Duets_ project where modern country stars sing technologically-created duets with Elvis. They aren't embeddable, but this video of Martina McBride singing "with" Elvis is an example (video about the project).

I'm sorry, but it doesn't work for me. Martina might sing pretty and look pretty, but she's no Elvis. In that video alone he blows her off the stage. Intercutting video of the Elvis fans in near-collapse with video of the modern star singing seems wrong - cashing in on Elvis's fame, and all that.
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