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[writing] For 2009, it's A Thing A Week

Following my desire to be consistent about the writing in 2009, and inspired by Jonathan Coulton's _Thing A Week_ albums, I hereby declare that for me 2009 will the year of "A Thing A Week".

Every week, I will produce something. A new story, a revised story, a poem or two, a convention attendance with notes, a scene of a play. But it will be something (or Some Thing) of substance. I'll announce the thing during Sunday and start execution on Monday.

I'm using the definition to allow me to be creative without being completely locked into specifically doing a new story every week. Especially since one of my 2009 goals is to get through the giant pile of desk stories and make a "Submit; Revise and Submit; or Just Shelve" decision on each of them (and that's about 30 stories sitting around).

So that's the resolution. There's also a theme, which is "Go Deeper". I need more depth in my characters as given in the manuscript so that they come off the page and the narrator sees through their head/eyes. That's my writing focus.

Finally, this week's Thing is a Christmas Story, titled "Nona, Back For Christmas." You know, reviving your dead grandmother for Christmas, and all that. Progress posted to thing_in_150.

And now, off to it. I have a Thing to do!
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