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[writing] 2008 Year End Summary

2008 Results
- 23 stories finished
- 27 stories started
- 51 story revisions (some stories revised multiple times)
- 22 stories were sent out for critique
- 34 stories were critiqued
- 45 critiques were done by me, plus 60+ reads at Lincoln City Workshop
- 73 submissions were made, 19 new stories went out
- 65 submission results, with sixty "no" and five SALES!
- 91844 new words written; 84421 words revision credit
- Race Points: maximum was 18, minimum was 1

Sure, 2008 ended rough. But overall I have to say it was a good year. It was my first year of pushing for 2 stories/month (and I almost made it), and my first year of being serious about submitting stories. Considering I did 9 submissions in 2007, the increase to 65 in 2008 is very good. I probably could have made 80 submissions if I hadn't completely stalled out in the last two months of the year.

23 stories were finished during the year:
- "Let Me In, Let Me In"
- "Stars Above and Ice Below"
- "When the Party of the First Part Met The Party of the Second Part (With Rider and Addendum)"
- "Cleaning Out The House"
- "The Dybbuk's Moll"
- "The Straw That Shines Like The Sun"
- "The Spirit Turk"
- "Home is the Wind and the Sky"
- "When Lina Went On The Lam"
- "The Accountant and the Octopus"
- "Friday Night at the Small Insight Cafe"
- "The Presidential Book of the Dead"
- "And In The Deep Dark There Was A Bright Light"
- "Underneath the Skin, The Flesh Was Weak"
- "Robot In Furs"
- "Full Moon With Rufus MacReedy and the Alabama Howl"
- "Space With Silver Hands"
- "All That Was Left Behind"
- "Bringing The Boys Back Home"
- "Cat of Heart and Blood"
- "Sorting Through The Scrap"
- "Invasion at the Independence Manor Retirement Home"
- "Faraway, In Her Eyes"
- "Angry Tears To Drown The Blood".

27 stories were started:
- The above 23
- "God on the Internet"
- "The Dials of the Heavens, The Numbers of the Stars"
- "Seven Drops"
- "Planet Twenty and the Spaceship Of Man" (play)

Five story sales were made in 2008:
- "Apologies All Around" to Flash Fiction Online
- "Apologies All Around" (podcast) to Drabblecast
- "When Lina Went On The Lam" to Coyote Wild
- "All That Was Left Behind" to Weird Tales (Spam Flash Fiction Contest)
- "Cat, Owl, Cigarette" to Byzarium

On the convention side, I went to Norwescon, BayCon, and Orycon. I also attended a short story workshop in Lincoln City, Oregon with instructors Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Sheila Williams.

I wrote 91,844 new words and earned 84,421 words of revision credit. Essentially, I wrote a novel in 2008 and revised it twice. Had I not plummeted during the last couple months, I probably could have made 100K words. Next year!.

And That Was 2008. All in all, pretty darned good, if I do say so myself.

In upcoming posts will be the 2009 plans, and a "First Fifty, First Lines" listing since I hit 50 stories this year.

ETA: I actually finished *24* stories this year (and started 28). I miscounted. Cool!
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