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[writing] First Lines for the First Fifty

I became serious about my writing just about 3 years ago, at the start of 2006, when I realized it was time to stop *thinking* about writing and *talking* about writing and just start writing instead.

In the time before 2006, I wrote 5 stories. Since then I've finished 45 more stories: 5 in 2006, 16 in 2007, and 24 in 2008. Here are the first lines of those first 50 stories.


- "The Blur, Pinky, and Me" (1997)
I bought The Blur from Nick for fifty bucks.

- "Samsara" (1997)
In the land of burning rocks and boiling earth, Sarita and I sat on the cold steel platform while the demons changed shifts.

- "Padre" (2002)
"Repeat after me. Our father..."

- "Brandon Magi" (2004)
On the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of his seventh life, Brandon Martin became aware.

- "The Grip of Death" (2005)
The man was old, but he wasn’t dead yet, which was not what I had expected.


- "The Case of the Killer Dog"
It all started with a cat.

- "Fly, Boy", now called "To Step Out Into The Sky"
Jared looked over the edge and down the steep slope of the bluff.

- "Hunters", now called "We the Hunters, We the Hunted"
We had tracked the couple for over an hour, from the city and into the depths of the forest, when they came to the small clearing.

- "This Moment, and the Times Before"
When the police officers came by the warehouse lab at MVSS, Malcolm's high-tech startup, he thought an employee was in trouble.

- "The Kid, The King, and the Devil's Washboard"
Most people don’t quite recall when the following events occurred.


- "Old Town, Old Man, New Man, New Town"
Samuel stood at the edge of the Sacramento River.

"The Game Of Chase"
Zack stood in the open spaces between the remaining houses and searched the western sky.

- "This Is Your Life, Version 2.0"
When Tara, ChipFactor's admin, called Daniel and told him that his father was waiting in the lobby, Daniel felt his stomach turn and chew.

- "Apologies All Around"
"Daddy!" Rachel shouted. "There's a robot at the door."

- "The Fishing Trip"
When they arrived at the place where the two rivers meet and Uncle Jorek immediately took off all his clothes, Darvyn pulled up his own shirt and started to undress.

- "Cat, Owl, Cigarette"
Afterwards, Cat and Owl sat on a limb of the large cedar tree and shared a cigarette.

- "Walls of Stars, Like Eyes"
"The walls don't like you, Daddy."

- "Witness"
Santos quickly discovered that most chicks definitely did not dig the hovercams.

- "The Alien Across the Hall"
The studio apartment was one small room.

- "The Very Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inspector Gurushankar Rajaram"
Crammed into his unicopter, patrolling above Bengaluru, Sub-Inspector Gurushankar Rajaram nervously surveyed the scenes below.

- "Crow and Samoset"
Crow hated waiting for Samoset to respond, so he spread his wings and paused to let the afternoon sun soak in through his dark black feathers.

- "The Reality of Space"
In the cramped engineering module at the back of the mining spaceship United World Harmony, Jabari watched with dread as Shay-Li pushed off the far wall and slowly glided towards him.

- "Breaking Through"
Jimmy D was losing, losing bad, and he knew it.

- "When Crogdor Came Back"
When David woke up late Saturday morning, Crogdor was waiting for him in the living room of his small one-bedroom apartment.

- "Visiting the Ladies Room Exhibit at the Human Museum"
"Parent, what are 'Ladies'?"

- "Echoes of Oceans From a Distant Shore"
When he wants to hear the ocean, he listens to the sea shells.


- "Let Me In, Let Me In"
The first time I fell in love? Well, it all happened because my roommate was a pig.

- "Stars Above and Ice Below"
It was late January when the aliens took Harvey from his small ice fishing shelter on Pine Lake.

- "When the Party of the First Part Met the Party of the Second Part, With Addendum and Disclaimer"
When I decided to let the car in, I wondered if I was setting myself up for trouble.

- "Cleaning Out The House"
"Oh my god, what the hell happened to the house?" Daniel said as they drove up to the house.

- "The Dybbuk's Moll"
"In three hours," I told the golem, "Rico Dellarden is a dead man."

- "The Straw That Shines Like The Sun"
Prince Rupert couldn't miss seeing the dwarf lurking in the forest at the edge of the burial ground.

- "The Spirit Turk"
"Right this way, my esteemed guest," Phineas J. Finstable said to his latest mark, Hiram Montgomery Quimby, Esquire.

- "Home is the Wind and the Sky"
The first thing Walker noticed when he stepped off the Greyhound bus was the faint scent of home.

- "When Lina Went On the Lam"
"Pretty little girls don't go on adventures," my mother always said and every time she said it, I hated her even more.

- "The Accountant and the Octopus"
This was what the end of the line felt like.

- "Friday Night at the Small Insight Cafe"
She was long and supple, with arms and legs that flowed like ribbons.

- "The Presidential Book of the Dead"
Abraham Lincoln was pissed off.

- "And In The Deep Dark There Was A Bright Light"
The first emotion OPR-J23 felt was guilt.

- "Underneath the Skin, the Flesh Was Weak"
All the fruit in this Grocery Barn store was disgusting, and Pablo de Lucia knew it.

- "Robot in Furs"
Harvey Mickleman hadn't planned on falling in love with a robot.

- "Full Moon with Rufus MacReedy and the Alabama Howl"
I'm pushing the hybrid at 90 while eastbound on I-20 and 30 miles past the Texas border, just outside Shreveport, when I see the unmistakable pink-red lights and snub nose of a Louisiana State Trooper in the depths of my rear-view mirror.

- "Space, With Silver Hands"
Yuri Gagarin didn't believe in angels.

- "All That Was Left Behind"
He was forty-five years old, balding, divorced, pudgy, pale and depressed, so the spam titled "Look good & FEEL GOOD Ralph Patrick" called to him.

- "Bringing The Boys Back Home"
Sub-Commander Gray Martin adjusted the medals on his chest and strode up the stairs to the podium to deliver a speech to the subjects of the Western Empire about the war, a war that was not going very well.

- "Cat of Heart and Blood"
Blood transferred and body hidden, Fulton unplugged the transfer tubes and twisted shut the valves of the metal cat's access port.

- "Sorting Through the Scrap"
Judah Kolvetski docked his long-haul cargo ship, Star Wanderer, at the Winslow Salvage remains operations station orbiting the planetary wasteland of Omega Four.

- "Invasion at the Independence Manor Retirement Home"
Lou knew his best friend was bluffing.

- "Faraway, In Her Eyes"
When Craig returned with the milk, he realized that Annie had gone away again.

- "Angry Tears To Drown The Blood"
From Lyda's anguish, a river of tears flowed.

And there we go. Now it's time to shoot for 50 more!

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