jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

and thus endeth the Holidays

Tomorrow it all starts up again: work, kid school, regular workouts, less eating, more structure to my time. And I'm ready for it.

The holidays have been a nice break. I slept a lot, ate too much, didn't exercise enough, played around a bunch, read many things (more on those later), and in general didn't think about work at all and relaxed a great deal. I also spent a lot of time with family, both C/E/A and the extended families. That was very nice.

I received some very nice presents, some of the current favorites are: Rock Band (thank you Santa!), two excellent jackets (one denim, one leather), some very comfy moccasin slippers (wearing them right now), and a chin-up bar. Ben Franklin spoke of the value of daily chin-ups, and he was right on that (as he was on many things).

I feel very recharged and ready to move forward into 2009 with tons of energy and a positive outlook.

And in 17 days Obama will be President! Excellent.

Hey everyone, how about we kick some butt and make everything as great as it can be, both ourselves and our country! That's what I'll be doing in 2009. Details to come.

Let's get to work!
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