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[writing] A Thing A Week: A slight restart

When I decided to do A Thing A Week and then I posted about it, I wondered if perhaps I was starting a tad early. After all, there was plenty of holiday time left and holiday time is, alas, not productive time.

Well, I was right. I did get some writing on the story done but didn't get it finished.

Thus I will take a slight restart on A Thing A Week and say that this is the first Official Week. Last week was the pre-season. It doesn't count. Yeah, that's the ticket.

This week's Thing is a Christmas story, called "Nona, Back For Christmas." I actually need it done a little early as it goes to SacSpecFic for critique at next week's meeting. Luckily, I have several scheduled chunks of writing time coming up in the next few days.

As always, progress will be posted to thing_in_150.
Tags: a thing a week, writing

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