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Writing: March, in a nutshell

Submitted Part 2 of "Brand Loyalty" to the SacSpecFic group for critique. They continue to enjoy the story even though this was a pure first draft, and think it has a lot of potential once I clean it up and handle a couple character issues that will be hard to pull off.

March 31 is the WOTF Q2 2007 deadline. I was going to revise and submit "This Moment" but after folks at Potlatch told me I should go for Asimov's first, I was challenged to write an entirely new story and make it as good as I could before March 31.

I decided to tackle "This Is Your Life, Version 2.0", which is another side of the technology used in "This Moment". I managed to pull off a first draft and a quick revision (6500 words, more than I expected) and shipped it off today to WOTF. It's okay, not as good as "This Moment" (in my opinion) so I have no expectations for it in WOTF.

I'll also submit "This Is Your Life, Version 2.0" to SacSpecFic for the April meeting and see what they have to say.

Next up is a revision of "This Moment", which I'm going to try to get gone within the first week of April. Mary Rosenblum offered to do another read of it and I just might take her up on it. After that, "This Moment" goes to Asimov's and I sit and wait, nervously.

I'm at Norwescon ( from April 5 through April 8. While there, I'll have a workshop session with three pros: Ted Butler (, Deborah Layne (, and G. David Nordley ( The story I submitted was "The Case of the Killer Dog" and I'll be interested to hear what they have to say about it.

I also signed up for the "Flash Fiction Workshop" being run by Mary Rosenblum. I believe we'll be writing a 1500 word story during a 2-hour session! This should definitely be interesting - I actually have an idea I think works in the flash style, I'll see if I can leave it alone until then.

After Norwescon and "This Moment", I think I'll start on "The Fishing Trip" and I'm really looking forward to working on it. I'm hoping it'll be an interesting and different story for me.

Also during April, I need to preparing applications for the Orson Scott Card Bootcamp and Viable Paradise workshops. I'd like to attend one of them and if allowed to choose, I think I'd choose Viable Paradise even though I've been told that Bootcamp is really really good.

And that's March, with a look towards April. I have the feeling things are on the edge of becoming very interesting. It's just going to be a matter of keeping on working at it and trying to get better every time I put butt to chair and fingers to keyboard.
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