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late-night links

- Campbell-Award winning writer Mary Robinette Kowal is selling her steampunk laptop on ebay. I've seen this in person and can state that it is Way Way Cool. Go Bid!

- XKCD with a helpful guide to the metric system. Finally, mental comparisons that make sense!

- Why computers and cars make us so unpleasant (via jaylake. This fits in well with my Theory of The Death Of Abstract Sympathy.

- You Are Being Lied To About Pirates (Huffington Post, via jaylake). The truth about pirates, and it isn't all rum, dashing, and Jack Sparrow.

- Media dude Clay Shirky on the future of media in 2009. Some interesting opinions on newspapers, TVs, books and magazines.

- 10 Ways Twitter Will Change Blog Design in 2009. Thoughts on how twitter will integrate into blogs. I don't see many of these happening for me, but then again I'm lazy about my sites.

- How to Fix The Phantom Menace. spookysqueak is starting a "How To Fix It" series, and it looks very entertaining. I'd certainly like to see this version of Phantom Menace.
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